As the pandemic stretches on, landlords ask for help with tenant troubles

The film shows there are dogs and visitors in the home, in violation of the now-expired lease. They’ve gotten to know some of the many cars they see on the security cameras and in person.

“A lot of the plates don’t go to the car they are on,” Mahmood said. “You’ll see a truck plate on a car, or the same plate on two to three cars over time.”

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But that doesn’t mean the activity is criminal.  

And even if it is, eviction hearings in the court are moving slowly. The two are now working with lawyer Angela Zaikowski, who also works for the Vermont Landlords Association. They hope she will help shepherd them through the eviction process. But the two have been warned not to expect too much. Zaikowski said she couldn’t give details about specific cases.  

Scibek said in late September that the courts are issuing a few eviction orders; she estimated she’d seen a dozen since the pandemic began. State Housing Commissioner Josh Hanford said he gets two or three phone calls each week from landlords who want to evict their tenants and are stymied by the new rule.

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