As the pandemic stretches on, landlords ask for help with tenant troubles

“Our only remedy right now is to ensure there is at least assistance available right now,” he said.

Vermont Legal Aid and the Landlords Association are working on a free mediation program to help resolve conflicts caused by the eviction ban, Morgan said. 

As McPhetres, who works for the town highway department, sees it, the fault lies with the state for putting the kibosh on evictions. McPhetres said the state was pressured by groups that represent tenants and the low-income. He and Mahmood noted they don’t make a lot of money either.

“They’re hearing from the tenants, which I do understand,” McPhetres said. “But the landlords still have the same bills.”

Mahmood said she’s written to the governor’s office and hasn’t heard back. The two know what they would say if he did call.

“Ninety percent of the traffic here is between 10 p.m. and 4 in the morning,” McPhetres said of the shared driveway. “You live here for a week, and see how you enjoy it.”


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