New app can help you rent out your driveway

They are the self-proclaimed Airbnb of parking and they’re coming to Kelowna.

Peer-to-peer parking app Rover Parking[1] is celebrating their one-year anniversary and is now available coast to coast across Canada.

<who> Photo Credit: Rover Parking.

The app enables users to either list their at-home parking spot and make extra cash, or avoid parking in a crowded lot while saving money by parking at someone’s home.

Co-founder Grant Brigden is excited to see the movement catch on in B.C. after quick success in markets like Toronto.

“If someone has an empty driveway, that is empty when they go to work, on the weekend or in the evening, or they just have half a driveway they don’t use, they can now list that on Rover, rent it out and make some extra cash,” he told KelownaNow on Wednesday. “It creates a brand new supply of private parking spaces all over the cities of Canada.”

According to Brigden, Rover can be a much cheaper, more convenient option.

<who> Photo Credit: KelownaNow.

In Toronto, people have seen some major savings. Instead of paying $30 a day, or $6 an hour in some cases, they can use the app and pay under $2 an hour.

“You’re not going to get a ticket, you’re not going to get towed, and you’re putting money back into the community directly,” he said.

You can also drive to a point where traffic usually gets bad, park in a Rover spot and take transit, ride a bike or walk for the last leg of your trip.

The company also runs a program called Rover ‘Till Sober to keep people from drinking and driving. People can leave their car at someone’s house overnight so they know it’s safe and they don’t feel pressure to drive.

If you’re looking to sign up, you can find the app on Google Play or the Apple app store.

Brigden said there already has been interest in B.C. and residents in Vancouver and Kelowna can expect to see plenty of open parking spots soon.

To learn more, visit the Rover Parking website[2].


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