Rent Your Driveway

One alternative which undercuts both local authority charges is growing fast – rental of private driveways. 

National website[1] claimed earlier this month that seaside resorts in particular were experiencing a wave of bookings post-lockdown by holidaying visitors, and that take-up in Hastings – while still offering much lower rates than Brighton or Worthing – had increased by 175 percent. 

“Our figures show that renting out an empty driveway is a great way for some seaside residents to earn an additional income,” the company’s press release declared. 

“It is also a good opportunity for visitors to possibly save on parking charges as driveways can be cheaper than traditional car parks while also providing more social distancing room for the vehicle’s occupants.”

In fact it’s not just residential owners who can turn a profit. 

A trawl through driveways currently on offer in Hastings reveals several parking places at the Buckswood St George’s language school premises in Holmesdale Gardens, just behind Cornwallis Gardens: the all day charge there is around £3.50. 

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