Does Your Driveway Need Regular Maintenance?

Your driveway gets a lot of use. And various types of driveways wear in different ways. Whether or not your driveway is sloped also makes a difference. So how do you know what kind of maintenance you need to perform to keep it in good repair? Take a closer look at driveways and what you can do to make them last.

Driveway Materials

First consider how your driveway is constructed. Is it made with cement, cement block, asphalt or gravel? Each of these materials requires a different level of maintenance. For example, maintaining a gravel drive can be done just by refilling the gravel as it begins to wear down over time.


Not every crack is created equally. Cracks can occur naturally in concrete as the ground shifts. They also can happen as a result of major structural damage. If you notice cracks in your driveway growing over time, it may be helpful to have them inspected.

Power Washing

Just like your house, your driveway can get dirty. The amount of dirty, composite of that debris and natural wear can affect the lifespan of the pavement. You can power wash your driveway on your own or you can hire a company to do it for you.

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