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New Parking Fines in Effect for the City of Annapolis 


ANNAPOLIS, MD (October 7, 2019) – The Annapolis City Council approved changes to parking fines, aimed at discouraging violators while improving parking availability for residents and businesses.

The parking violation fines were passed along with the City budget and other fines over the summer. These went into effect July 1, 2019. The City’s parking enforcement vendor, SP Plus Municipal Services, issued press releases and posted the new fine schedule on their website and on social media ahead of the change. On July 1, they began issuing citations with the new fines.

This notification is a reminder that certain violations, including red curb, and the blocking of fire hydrants and fire stations entrances, are in place to allow egress of emergency and public safety vehicles that ensure the safety and security of all residents. In addition, certain parking restrictions are in place to encourage drivers to obey posted rules and to reduce parking offenses that interfere with the ability of patrons to visit and conduct business in areas where parking spaces are limited.

Here are some of the restructured fines:


Old Fine

New Fine
(as of July 1, 2019)

Obstructing driveway



Parking at a red-line curb; blocking a bus stop zone; blocking a fire hydrant; blocking a crosswalk



Parking adjacent to a yellow-line curb; parking on the left side on a two-way street; backing vehicle to curb or angled parking in an area not identified for angle parking; parking permit violations; exceeding

(this was in the code as twice the daily parking garage rate)


Blocking the driveway entrance to a fire station



Parking in a disabled spot without a disability placard or disability tags

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