• Lucrative opportunity for homeowners to meet demand for driveway parking rentals
  • Soaring demand sees spaces rented out within minutes of being listed
  • Homeowners could earn £1,400 a year by renting out their spare space
  • Bristol, Manchester, Leeds and Brighton top the list of places most in demand

As the UK’s sharing economy continues to boom, leading online parking market place, is offering home and business owners the opportunity to generate extra income by renting out their spare car park spaces., which already has 28,000 private parking spaces advertised on its website, has revealed that demand for parking spaces is at an all-time high with spaces in cities including Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and Brighton being snapped up within minutes of being listed.

“The sharing economy is revolutionising the parking business and we’re seeing more and more drivers choosing to park this way. Renting a driveway, garage or parking space is simple to do and is an excellent opportunity for home and business owners to make some extra income,” commented Harrison Woods, managing director at

“If your home is in a central location or close to a local amenity such as a train station, sporting venue, university or airport it’s likely to be in highest demand but there’s still potential to rent your space and make money in all parts of the UK”.

Angela Donaldson decided to rent out her driveway close to Brighton train station, “Within 2 hours of registering I had someone interested in renting my parking space. The process has been quick and simple with excellent customer care and I’m now earning £150 per month.”

The cost of ignoring the growth in demand for parking could be a sizeable mistake with property owners in Manchester earning as much as £1,492 a year by renting out their spare space, while residents in Brighton, Leeds and Bristol are pocketing an average of £1,300 a year.

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